Each day's talks are on demand for a 24-hour period beginning at 10:00 A.M. U.S. Eastern.

Day 1: August 5, 2019

  • David Jockers, DNM, DC, MS

    David Jockers, DNM, DC, MS

    The Top 7 Benefits of a Ketogenic Lifestyle


    What You'll Learn +

    • Top Keto strategies to improve your daily energy levels
    • Keto hacks for improved mental focus
    • Best foods and recipes to fuel your keto journey

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  • Drew Manning

    Drew Manning

    Fit to Fat to Fit with Keto


    What You'll Learn +

    • How Drew gained, then lost, 60 lbs through lifestyle
    • Mindset strategies to overcome cravings and self-sabotage
    • Incorporating keto for quick and sustainable weight loss

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  • Isaac Jones, DC, BS

    Isaac Jones, DC, BS

    Keto For High Performance


    What You'll Learn +

    • How blood sugar levels impact our brain and energy
    • Nutrition strategies for executives and high-level performers
    • Best keto meals and snacks for high performance

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  • Rodney Habib

    Rodney Habib

    Using Keto To Help Our Pets


    What You'll Learn +

    • Why our pets are sicker than they should be
    • What animals respond best to keto?
    • How to use a keto lifestyle to add years of vitality to your pet

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  • Joe Anderson, PhD

    Joe Anderson, PhD

    Testing Ketosis and the Fat Burning State


    What You'll Learn +

    • Discover the best ways to test nutritional ketosis
    • Pros and cons of various testing methods
    • Correlation between ketones and the fat burning state

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Day 2: August 6, 2019

  • Will Cole, DC

    Will Cole, DC

    Adrenal Fatigue and Keto


    What You'll Learn +

    • How stress, adrenal function and the HPA axis impact our keto results
    • Key strategies to adapt better to stressors in life
    • Best foods and herbs to support the HPA axis and stress response

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  • Justin Marchegiani, DC

    Justin Marchegiani, DC

    Keto Hacks for Hypothyroidism


    What You'll Learn +

    • Main causes for thyroid problems
    • How to use keto to improve thyroid function
    • Biohacking your metabolism and thyroid health

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  • Peter Osborne, DC, DACBN, PScD

    Peter Osborne, DC, DACBN, PScD

    Dropping Grains and Carbs to Reduce Chronic Pain


    What You'll Learn +

    • Main causes of chronic inflammation and chronic pain
    • Connection between grain consumption and inflammatory conditions
    • Nutritional strategies to reduce pain anywhere in the body

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  • Cheryl Burdette, ND

    Cheryl Burdette, ND

    Inflammation and the Ketogenic Diet


    What You'll Learn +

    • Symptoms and diseases associated with chronic inflammation
    • Top lab tests to measure inflammation
    • Best nutrition, supplements and lifestyle to reduce inflammation

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  • David Perlmutter, MD, FACN, ABIHM

    David Perlmutter, MD, FACN, ABIHM

    Keto for Brain Health


    What You'll Learn +

    • How ketones impact brain physiology and genetic expression
    • Role of ketones in preventing and treating Alzheimer’s and dementia
    • Ketones and Parkinson’s, stroke and brain injury rehab

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Day 3: August 7, 2019

  • Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO, LAc

    Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO, LAc

    The Metabolic Approach to Cancer


    What You'll Learn +

    • 10 key elements that play a role in cancer development
    • Metabolic strategies to slow down or stop cancer formation
    • Advanced therapies to reduce cancer formation

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  • Ty Bollinger

    Ty Bollinger

    Sugar-Cancer Connection


    What You'll Learn +

    • The truth about cancer that gives us hope
    • How sugar feeds cancer formation in the body
    • Best foods to prevent and heal cancer

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  • Veronique Desaulniers, DC

    Veronique Desaulniers, DC

    Using Keto For Breast Cancer


    What You'll Learn +

    • Major factors causing an increase in breast cancer
    • Lifestyle strategies for beating breast cancer
    • Key herbs and foods to improve the healing response

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  • Thomas Seyfried, PhD

    Thomas Seyfried, PhD

    Keto and Cancer Metabolism


    What You'll Learn +

    • Research behind cancer, blood sugar and ketones
    • Ideal blood ketone: glucose ratio for metabolic management of cancer
    • Latest research on using keto to slow cancer growth

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  • Edward F. Group, III, DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM

    Edward F. Group, III, DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM

    Fasting, Ketosis and Stem Cells


    What You'll Learn +

    • Best fasting strategies to incorporate
    • Differences between short-term and long-term fasts
    • The impact of fasting on human genetics and stem cells

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Day 4: August 8, 2019

  • Evan Brand, BCHN, CFMP, NTP

    Evan Brand, BCHN, CFMP, NTP

    Ketogenic Diet for Mold Illness

    What You'll Learn +

    • Signs, symptoms and testing 
    • Top keto foods 
    • Key supplements

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  • Mike Mutzel, MSc

    Mike Mutzel, MSc

    Keto and the Microbiome


    What You'll Learn +

    • How a keto lifestyle impacts digestive health
    • Biggest keto-microbiome mistakes
    • Top tips to improve digestive health

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  • Jay Davidson, DC, PScD

    Jay Davidson, DC, PScD

    Keto For Chronic Infections


    What You'll Learn +

    • Most common microbial, viral and parasitic infections
    • How to know if you have a chronic infection
    • Top action steps to prevent and heal chronic infections

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  • Jordan Rubin

    Jordan Rubin

    The Keto Collagen Lifestyle


    What You'll Learn +

    • Missing nutrients in most keto diets
    • Ancestral approach to a keto lifestyle
    • Using ancient medicine to improve health

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  • Doug Kaufmann

    Doug Kaufmann

    Using Keto For Yeast and Fungal Overgrowth


    What You'll Learn +

    • How yeast and fungal overgrowth impact our health
    • Most common fungal foods to avoid
    • Best nutrition practices to reduce yeast and fungal overgrowth

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  • Craig Emmerich

    Craig Emmerich

    How to Do a Ketogenic Cleanse

    What You'll Learn +

    • Importance of oxidative priority
    • Most nutrient-dense keto foods
    • Following a protein-sparing, modified fast

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Day 5: August 9, 2019

  • Jeremy Hendon

    Jeremy Hendon

    Hacking Ketosis for Better Results

    What You'll Learn +

    • Proper movement and mindset habits
    • Using electrolytes and hydration
    • How and when to use exogenous ketones

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  • Jimmy Moore

    Jimmy Moore

    Keto Cholesterol Clarity


    What You'll Learn +

    • How Jimmy lost 180 lbs and 20 inches on his waist
    • Role of cholesterol (and the false information around it!)
    • How a keto lifestyle impacts cholesterol and cardiovascular health

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  • Brian Mowll, CDE, MLDE, IFMCP

    Brian Mowll, CDE, MLDE, IFMCP

    Beating Diabetes with a Ketogenic Diet


    What You'll Learn +

    • Problems with current diabetes care
    • Is a Keto lifestyle safe for diabetics?
    • Advanced strategies to prevent and reverse diabetes

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  • Jack Wolfson, DO, FACC

    Jack Wolfson, DO, FACC

    Keto For Heart Disease


    What You'll Learn +

    • Role of diet and lifestyle in heart disease
    • What you never knew about cholesterol
    • Impact of a ketogenic lifestyle on heart health

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  • Gez Agolli, MD, DrPH, ND

    Gez Agolli, MD, DrPH, ND

    Keto in a Clinical Setting


    What You'll Learn +

    • Keto lifestyle as a health coaching breakthrough
    • Using keto to improve clinical outcomes with patients
    • Who is a candidate for the keto lifestyle?

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Day 6: August 10, 2019

  • Leanne Vogel

    Leanne Vogel

    Keto For Women


    What You'll Learn +

    • Keto strategies for the female body
    • Major challenges for women on keto
    • When to know if you should have a “carb up” day?

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  • Melissa Nohr, JD, CHC

    Melissa Nohr, JD, CHC

    Shopping For Success on a Ketogenic Diet


    What You'll Learn +

    • Best foundational foods and recipes on a keto lifestyle
    • Biggest shopping mistakes on a keto diet
    • Money saving grocery shopping strategies

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  • Megan Kelly

    Megan Kelly

    Keto Kitchen Makeover


    What You'll Learn +

    • Best keto foods, pantry items and condiments
    • Keto baking flours and sweeteners to use
    • Meal planning strategies for optimal digestion and metabolism

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  • Liana Werner-Gray

    Liana Werner-Gray

    Eating Keto From the Earth


    What You'll Learn +

    • Benefits of eating real food from the earth
    • Real food recipes and lifestyle strategies
    • How to enjoy your food and lifestyle changes

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  • Anna Cabeca, DO

    Anna Cabeca, DO

    Using Keto For Menopause


    What You'll Learn +

    • What happens to the female body during menopause
    • How to minimize hot flashes, hair loss and weight gain
    • Best foods and supplements to support the female body

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Day 7: August 11, 2019

  • Daniel Pompa, PSc.D

    Daniel Pompa, PSc.D

    How to Follow a Cyclical Ketogenic Diet


    What You'll Learn +

    • Role of diet variation and cycling in and out of ketosis
    • 2-2-2 rule for effective keto adaptation
    • 5-1-1 variation for a sustainable keto lifestyle journey

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  • Mark Sisson

    Mark Sisson

    How to Transition into a Ketogenic Diet


    What You'll Learn +

    • Sugar vs fat and keto-adaptation
    • Biggest keto mistakes that derail results
    • Best path to slowly transition towards keto

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  • Michael Dugan, FDN-P

    Michael Dugan, FDN-P

    Strategies to Overcome the Keto Flu


    What You'll Learn +

    • What is the keto flu and why do some have this reaction?
    • How to prevent the keto flu from occurring
    • Strategies to mitigate the keto flu if it occurs

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  • Dominic D’Agostino, PhD

    Dominic D’Agostino, PhD

    Research and Advancements in Nutritional Ketosis


    What You'll Learn +

    • Latest research on nutritional ketosis for improved health
    • How exogenous ketones can be a transformational tool
    • Myths about keto and fasting for human performance

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  • BJ Hardick, DC

    BJ Hardick, DC

    Keto and Detoxification


    What You'll Learn +

    • Strategies to cleanse your body effectively
    • Best keto-detoxifying foods to consume
    • Top keto-detoxifying recipes to use

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